Selection Tips

Your selection may be influenced by your home’s cladding and interior colour schemes. The window colour will often complement the cladding colour, with tones a few shades up or down. Contrasting joinery colours are also popular as well as darker natural tones and silver.

Two guides are available, the VANTAGE Popular Colour Range leaflet, which displays 35 colours, and a booklet of over 80 powder coat colours that you can choose from. The popular colours are less expensive than those that are less commonly requested.  For colours within the popular colour range, matching window and door hardware is also more affordable and readily available than hardware in other colours.

For a joinery colour that complements the house cladding it is common to choose a tone a few shades up or down from the cladding colour.  

Remember, however, that the colour of joinery you choose now may limit options in the future if you want a change of house colour.

Contrasting joinery colours are popular; natural tones such as darker greens, blues, greys or black are often chosen.

Dark or black joinery against a light coloured house, especially in a plaster finish, can look very sharp and attractive.

Matching the joinery colour to the roof or fascia for a unified look is also popular.

Remember that the joinery colour can influence interior colour schemes. A good option is to choose a neutral colour that preserves flexibility for interior selections e.g white, cream, grey, taupe, black or silver. Dual coloured windows and doors are available with METRO SERIES ThermalHEART  products. A different colour can be chosen for the exterior and interior surfaces.

Choosing the same colour as the house can give a very clean look, especially in white or cream tones.