Glass Options

Glass selection allows variations in pane thickness, glass surface coatings, glass colourants, IGU air gap width, IGU gas ll etc. There are also options for safety glass, with the choice being between toughened glass and laminated glass. All of the options offer different properties relevant to thermal and acoustic performance, light and UV entry.

Clear glass
Clear Glass

Clear float glass is transparent and offers high visible light transmittance. Because of this, most UV light and solar heat passes through it. This means it’s economical, but has a high heat loss in winter.

Clear glass double
Clear glass double-glazed
4mm clear / 12mm air gap / 4mm clear

This is a common insulated glass unit (IGU) and contains a thermally effective air gap between the panes. Clear glass which is double-glazed is also acoustically effective and greatly reduces condensation.

Clear glass and argon and low E glass
Clear Glass and Argon and Low E Glass
Clear glass and argon gas
Clear Glass and Argon Gas
Clear glass and low E glass
Clear Glass and Low E Glass
Tinted grey and clear
Tinted Grey and Clear
Tinted grey and low E glass
Tinted Grey and Low E Glass